I’ve been suffering from lack of sleep for the longest time. I’ve recently come across this squidoo page with so much information on side effects, information, and methods to sleep better.

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Here’s a short blurb:

Sleep is a under-appreciated topic. The idea of taking sleep seriously is even peculiar to some. With an estimated 75% of Americans suffering from a lack of sleep, it still goes overlooked. And perhaps that’s why so many people suffer from a lack of sleep, it’s just overlooked and not taken seriously.

It ends with an important bit here:

Lastly, but most important of all, is routine exercise. I’m not talking about becoming a workout nut like a meat head or whatever, but you want to get your body moving. Walking, cycling, running, maybe even some indoor exercises would suffice. 15-30 minutes of physical activity every day is not only great to help you sleep, but important to keep you healthy and in shape.

This was a truly eye opening post about all things related to lack of sleep, side effects, and general information.

With that said: There are some serious things you should know the next time you go about your day with a lack of sleep. Some of it may shock you, some of it may make you seriously reflect on your habits, but all of it will make you more aware of sleep deprivation and make you think twice about operating on a lack of sleep.